2016-17 Mandatory Athletic Participation Information

2016-17 Mandatory Athletic Participation Information

IF YOU WILL BE A NEW STUDENT IN THE FALL OF 2017, STOP.  Check back for updates after May 1, 2017.

This paperwork is for 2016-17 student-athletes only!!!

Summer 2016

To complete your athletic eligibility for the 2016-2017 season, please complete each section below by August 1, 2016.  If you have missed the deadline, please proceed with all requirements prior to your arrival to campus.  

You MUST complete each section completely to be cleared.

  1. Link to STUDENT–ATHLETE SPORTS INFO BIOGRAPHY FORM.  Please email Sports Information Director Rachel Roche with any questions regarding the Sports Info Biography Form.

  2. Link to NCAA ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION.  Log in with your Redlands credentials (firstname_lastname & password), find the course named "Athletic Participation", and complete all necessary videos and quiz.  Please email Compliance Coordinator Leslie Whittemore with questions regarding NCAA eligibility.

  3. Link to FRESHMEN & TRANSFERS: ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS.  Please email Compliance Coordinator Leslie Whittemore with any questions regarding NCAA eligibility.


We REQUIRE ALL STUDENT-ATHLETES (new and returning) to get a physical with their respective physician prior to campus arrival.  Note: the physical MUST be dated after June 1, 2016, no exceptions.   Please follow the next few steps in order to complete the medical history, your physical form, and to receive other very important insurance information.  All necessary forms and information are posted on a program called Sportsware that you will gain access to by clicking on the link below.  Follow all directions on the link to complete this process.  Each student-athlete is responsible for completing all information – if you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent’s signature on each form provided.

Follow each step carefully:
  • Choose the link that pertains to you (NEW or RETURNING STUDENT-ATHLETE).  This will direct you to the Sportsware access instructions.
  • All forms (physical, medication verification, sickle cell, etc) you need to complete can be accessed once on Sportware.  DO NOT SKIP ANY STEPS ONCE FOLLOWING SPORTSWARE INSTRUCTIONS.  If you skip over steps, the process will be incomplete.
  • Review the link for Athletic Department medical and insurance policies.
  • Review the link for Optional Student Insurance.
Everything must be submitted no later than August 1, 2016 it is your responsibility to check back on Sportsware for your final clearance.

For additional assistance, please see common questions/issues/concerns.  If this does not answer any questions you may still have, contact the athletic trainers at athletictraining@redlands.edu.  Please do not call with questions – email will responses will be answered quickly.